Revolutionize Your Market Analysis and Business Intelligence Reporting

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July 12, 2017

I wish to begin with stating that I've absolutely no connection to the organization or product I will be citing – not an affiliate bargain. I simply love it, I needed to tell somebody.

I do on average 4-6 market evaluation reports every month for companies that contact us through our site. While the goods and services differ drastically from one customer to another, the process of retrieving the information and providing analysis remains fairly static. For more info, you may go to or any other reputed sites.

Revolutionize Your Market Analysis and Business Intelligence Reporting

I should say that the reports we create are by no means your average "market report" – i.e., you won't find detailed financial information or demographic info for that matter – however some of the advice we’ll provide includes:

A high profile Summary of top competitors rank for popular keywords (inbound links, domain age, indexed pages, etc)

This is where the pain begins.

If you have ever tried to make numerous graphs in Excel using pivot tables along with the camera feature, you know how frustrating it could be; replicate the table to a number of diverse worksheets – produce formulas to pull the information in, utilize Excels VBE to make an awful user interface, and on and on.

This is my life – each day was only a continual head drain – till I discovered Tableau. Tableau is a dash reporting instrument that literally altered how I produce reports and analyze my data. Employing a very intuitive user interface, you just point to the glow document, import the areas that you would like to examine, and begin dragging and dropping metrics and measurements onto the web page. 

Amazing Features Of Kindle Fire

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June 23, 2017

Do you want to know what are the benefits of Amazon kindle fire? If yes, then you are in right place. Here we are sharing some benefits of Kindle Fire. So, read this article carefully. 

Cost– The price is surely the maximum appealing characteristic which enables us to buy the device. At $199, the Kindle Fire is much less than half of the fee of most different tablets; its nearest price competitor is the nook tablet from Barnes & Noble at $249.

To attain this cost gain, Amazon has in all likelihood followed a loss-chief method and priced its Kindle on competitive rates to gain more sales. Further, the tool functionalities are par excel than any other eReader device. As an instance, it has no camera/video, no GPS, no microphone, and no Bluetooth or 3G wireless connectivity. But, still it is popular among people of all age groups.

The support team offers technical guidance to all the users which many eReader manufacturers lack. Their trained technicians can be contacted at any time for any technical issue. You can find Amazon Kindle support number on

Portability – The 7-inch display screen makes the Kindle Fire more transportable than large sized tablets inclusive of Apple's iPad2 and HP's TouchPad. The entire tablet is less than half an inch thick and barely smaller than a mid-sized paperback book in width and top. It weighs just 14.6 ounces.

The size is another factor of its huge popularity. In case you do internet browsing regularly, then a 7-inch screen is generally too small for the everyday internet page. You’ll be doing quite a few scrolling around. But if you want to watch streaming video or films, play video games, pay attention to track, or read an eBook, then a 7-in. display is usually just proper. You can sign in on our official website for more information.

The tool is without a doubt designed as a transportable content-shipping tool, mainly for Amazon content (however not solely).