A knockout is laid out to happen by middleweight superstar Gennady “GGG” Golovkin with a professional record of 37-0 over his opponent Mexican fighter Saul “Canelo” Alvarez with a professional record of 49-1 in his career, however, in other interviews and which he Canelo to self that Golovkin will never knock him out but it is the other way around. A lot are anticipating this fight and even the Canelo vs Golovkin live stream event is highly expected as well with boxing fans all over the world. Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena will be jam packed with high end celebrities, well renowned individuals and professional commentators are all eyes on the event.

The September 16 fight will be one of the toughest fight of Canelo Alvarez and will be the most important fight of his career, and if ever he wins this bout will not just push him up to the top rankings but boost his fame as well in the industry. His win over Golovkin will prove himself that he is the pound for pound champion and he did not just handpicked his opponent to win.

Canelo Alvarez also noticed Gennady Golovkin’s previous fight and he see that his opponent is having troubles with his opponent. Canelo sees this as an advantage for him and he feels that he has a very big chance of knocking him Golovkin out in the ring. While other see Canelo as the underdog in this upcoming event but for him, in this case it is not. Canelo admits that this is the biggest fight and toughest opponent that he is going to face knowing that Golovkin is the best face-off striker and accurate puncher with several knockouts recorded in Golovkin’s career. Canelo has a different approach and tactic on how to diffuse Golovkin’s way of fighting and he is going to surprise him in the ring. Everything is still to be settled in the ring and during the fight.

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